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MF Digital's Baxter CD & DVD Duplicator  
Baxter CD & DVD Duplicator
Baxter is an automated CD/DVD duplicator, which has a whole host of additional functions built in! The system is capable of automatically duplicating CDs & DVDs, backing up your PC hard drive and ripping MP3 / WMA files. Only £750  
Microboards DX-2 Disc Publisher    
The DX-2 features either two 52x CD or two 16x DVD (48x CD) recorders combined with Print Factory technology. Easy-to-use, yet powerful recording software enables users to burn and print separate jobs to each drive or a single job to all drives. The DX-2 prints at up to 4800 dpi with ultra-fast CD or DVD recording.

The DX-2 print engine connects to your PC via USB 1.1 or 2.0 and the recorders connect via the included FireWire 800 (1394b) card, ensuring true 16x DVD recording. The DX-2 also supports dual layer DVD and has batch mode capabilities allowing users to queue up to 8 different masters at a time, each with their own print image.
Microboards DX-2 Disc Publisher
Rimage 360i CD/DVD Publishing System  
Rimage 360i
Magellan are pleased to introduce the Rimage 360i, which allows users to create, burn, and print professional CDs and DVDs in just minutes. It combines professional recording and print technology to give you and your discs the sharpest image possible.  
Manual Tower CD & DVD Copiers  
Manual Tower CD & DVD Copiers
Tower CD & DVD duplicators are now available to buy online from Magellan. They are ideal for companies requiring a small number of discs to be copied in one session. Our range of tower duplicators are available with and without hard drives, and can copy at up to 52x CD-R or 16x DVD+/-R.

Free delivery on orders over £200!
Magellan Explorer MP Manual Inkjet CD & DVD Printers  
Manual CD & DVD Inkjet Printers
The Magellan Explorer MP & MP Pro CD/DVD printers are ideal for home use. Both printers use superior 6 colour inks to print directly onto the surface of both CD-R/DVD-R and standard paper.  
Mobile CD/DVD Duplication Systems    

The Magellan Explorer line of mobile duplicators is the only system specifically designed for on the road use. The hard plastic exterior protects the system from normal road use damage. The front and rear covers are gasket sealed to protect from moisture and dirt. The system is easy to set up for use by simply removing the front and back covers. Most duplicators are manufactured for stationary use and are not made to the level needed for remote duplication. We have made many changes from our normal line of duplicators to ensure reliability in this demanding environment. Changes include rubber mounted hard drives, additional cooling, larger power supplies and special internal cable connectors. We overbuilt these systems to assure maximum reliability.

The full featured CD/DVD duplication system is appropriate for audio, video and data applications. The industrial 52x duplication drives utilises new technology that duplicates your CDs as fast as possible while maintaining quality recording standards. The recording speed is user selectable from 1x to 52x to accomodate CD-Rs that are not 52x certified. The compact size, fast recording speeds and affordable price makes this the perfect system for any application.

Click here to learn more about the Magellan Explorer mobile CD/DVD duplication systems.

NEW - A 21 drive mobile CD/DVD duplicator is now available featuring a rugged exterior case and heavy duty castor wheels. This system is ideal for event recording.

  Mobile CD/DVD Duplication Systems
21 Drive Mobile CD/DVD Duplicator
MF Digital
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