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Audio Watermarking      
Audio Watermarking

Watermarking CD-Rs allows material to be distributed with the knowledge that you can trace the source of any unathorised copies. Click here for more information on audio watermarking

Mobile CD/DVD Duplication Systems  
Mobile CD-R & DVD-R Duplication Systems
The Magellan Explorer line of mobile duplicators is the only system specifically designed for on the road use. The hard plastic exterior protects the system from normal road use damage. Click here for more information
MF Digital's Audio Verification Rack Mounted CD-R Duplicators    
  All MF DIGITAL products feature advanced CD-R/DVD-R duplication and printing technologies, which often define and surpass industry standards. All duplicators allow audio to be copied but only MF DIGITAL's range of duplicators will verify audio as well! Click here to learn more.     Short on space? A rack mounted duplicator from R-Quest or Microboards may be the answer. They conveniently fit into rack-mounts for any professional studio application. These professional CD-R & DVD-R standalone duplicators allow up to four copies to be made simultaneously.
Click here for more information
MF Digital's 5906EC Live Audio CD Recording System       Baxter Digital Assistant    

  This is the world's most advanced Live Event Audio CD Recorder / Duplicator system. Easy to use, perfect for recording live events and producing audio CDs from most analog and digital sources. Click here to learn more about the 5906EC Live  

Baxter CD & DVD Duplicator
  An automated CD/DVD duplicator that can also automatically rip MP3 / WMA Files from multiple CD-DA discs
MF Digital
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