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Magellan Group Ltd are the official UK distributors for the Primera Technology range of CD-R/DVD-R publishing solutions. Our knowledge of the products and technical support on all of the Primera systems is second to none. Our team of full-time engineers are available for technical support, both on-site and in our large engineering facility.

Primera's CD/DVD duplication and printing equipment is used daily by thousands of companies and organisations in over 80 countries. Some of the largest users are recording studios, marketing departments, schools (bands, choirs, libraries), churches and video production studios.

Click on the links below for more details of the Primera products we sell.

Primera Automated CD-R & DVD-R Copiers   Primera CD-R & DVD-R Printers
Automated CD-R & DVD-R Copiers
Primera's range of automated CD and DVD copiers allow you to duplicate your own discs in-house at a very cost effective price.  
CD-R & DVD-R Printers
Inkjet and thermal disc printers from Primera allow you to professionally print text and images directly onto the surface of CDs and DVDs.
Primera Integrated CD-R / DVD-R
Duplicators & Printers
  Primera Accent Disc Laminator  
Integrated CD-R / DVD-R Duplicators & Printers
Utlising one of Primera's integrated CD/DVD duplicator and printer systems allows operators to copy and print discs automatically.  
Primara Disc Laminator
The Accent is the world's first disc laminator. Use it to make your inkjet printed CDs & DVDs glossy, highly water and scratch resistant and secure.
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