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Magellan Group Ltd are the official UK dsitributors of the MF Digital range of CD-R/DVD-R publishing solutions and have been for over 10 years. Our knowledge of the products and technical support on all of the MF Digital systems is second to none. Our team of full-time engineers are available for technical support, both on-site and in our large engineering facility.

MF Digital is a leading manufacturer of CD duplication equipment. Their digital DVD duplicators will grow with your CD/DVD on demand, audio, data and video duplication production needs. Unlimited off-line storage of your print and data copier images comes standard. The ability to hot swap CD inkjet printers or DVD thermal printers for total flexibility without obsolescence, allows MF Digital duplicators to expand with your changing copier needs. Owning MF Digital automatic CD/DVD copier systems means you have real on line disc capacity ranging from 250 to 600 discs.

MF Digital's exclusive Microsoft Windows XP embedded architecture ensures upgradeability of your audio CD duplicators to video DVD duplicator systems. They manufacture unique optical solutions - you will not outgrow these scaleable copier systems! Configure your unique video DVD duplicators or CD duplicator module today. Enjoy the true power of CD-R publishing duplication equipment that allow you to produce copies that rival the CD replication services quality offered by CD-ROM optical disc replicators. Their modular DVD duplicators and CD copiers are ready to grow along with your production requirements. Whether you need the perfect solution in manual or autoloading CD / DVD duplicators for data, video, or audio copier duplicators, try the World's most flexible modular DVD copiers and CD copier audio duplicators today.



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