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Blank CDR (CD-R), DVD-R (DVDR) & DVD+R Media



Blank CD-R Media

Whether you require recordable CD media or more specialist printable CD media, Magellan have the knowledge to ensure that you make the right choice of discs.


Blank DVD+/-R Media

Magellan have the solution for all your DVD media needs and are a leading supplier of DVD-R media in the UK. DVD printable discs available.

Blank CD-R & DVD-R Media

CD-R & DVD-R Media

As the UK supplier of all TAIYO YUDEN products we guarantee that our discs are PROFESSIONAL "A" GRADE 52x CD-R or 4x DVD+/-R or 8x DVD-R

Be wary of "B" grade product offered at low prices. If you are unsure and would like to utilise our analysing service please call 01256 681100 for further information.

We also sell discs by Verbatim, MPO, Sumvision and Piodata.

PDQ Optical Media is our own brand of blank media. With many years of experience dealing with numerous CD-R disc manufacturers we have been subjected to intermittent poor quality batches of supplied blank media.

Instead of passing the problem onto our customers we chose to set our own quality standards. All PDQ Optical Media is tested in our own Media Test Centre, to bring you perfect quality media, time after time.

We test each batch using several manufacturers of CD-R Duplicators at 4x,8x,12x,16x,24x, 32x, 40x and up to 52x, and then analysed using our in house CD analysis equipment. Only "A" grade media and 52x passed CD-R's will be given the PDQ Optical Media brand name.

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