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CD Copy Protection

Why Use Copy Protection Solutions?

Digital information can be easily compromised. Low cost discs and recording software, broadband transmission and the internet all contribute to the problem.

In the 2004 Business Software Alliance Privacy Report it was found that the loss to software publishers from unauthorised copying in 2003 totalled almost $29 billion. Worldwide, almost 40% of application software was acquired from illegal copies.

Hexalock Copy Protection Advantages

  • Efficiently protect various file types with very little overhead.
  • Easily implemented on CD-ROM & CD-RX.
  • Exceptionally end-user friendly transparent technology.
  • Strong, compatible and easy to use.

HexaLock CD-RX Disc

  • CD-RX media represents a new recordable format developed by HexaLock.
  • CD-RX discs contain pre-burnt information that makes the discs copy protectable.
  • CD-RX media are made from standard, high-quality CD-Rs. Currently there are 16 authorised CD-RX media manufacturers world-wide.
  • CD-RX discs are Orange Book compliant.
  • Available production plug-ins for Rimag and Microtech, with others under development.

The AutoLock Wizard

  • HexaLock has developed its own recording software, the AutoLock Wizard.
  • Available free of charge.
  • Can be used to protect both software program files and content only files such as documents, presentations and a standard recorder.
  • It is a "desktop software" that allows recording of one CD-RX at a time on your own desktop computer and a standard recorder.

The Virtual Digital Hologram (VDH)

HexaLock's VDH technology creates special bit patterns on the CD that provide a "hologram effect" to the CD/DVD reading device.

Optical Hologram creates different views, to the human eye. But a picture of an optical hologram creates a view from a specific angle.

Similarly, when making a copy of a CD-RX the VDH pattern will disappear. Instead, a static bit pattern will appear. The HexaLock software will detect the absence of the VDH and act accordingly.

Copy Protection Applications

Software Copy Protection

Software developers and publishers can use CD-RX media to protect low volume productions, beta copies and press samples of their software.

Protected CD-ROMs are used for larger volume distributions.

The protected files can then run only when the protected CD on which they were made exists in one of the local CD/DVD drives.

Protected software can be copied to the HDD for performance reasons, but it still requires the original CD in the drive.

Content Copy Protection

HexaLock Content Protection System (HCPS) is the only copy protection system in the world that can protect content files while they are making them 100% transparent to viewing/playing in their default players.

Protectable file types: PDF, HTML, GIF, JPG, AVI, MPEG.

Protected content files can then be viewed/played only from the original CD.

Unlike protected program files, protected content files become unusable when copied to the HDD or any other media.

Copying the contents of protected files using Copy & Paste, Save As, e-mail, and optionally, even print, is blocked.

Typical Applications

  • Computer games
  • Engineering manuals
  • Interactive training guides
  • Financial databases
  • Textbook companion CDs
  • Medical references
  • Pharmaceutical guides
  • Auto and tractor repair manuals
  • Real estate informational and training CDs
  • Virtually any data on CD-Rs and CD-ROMs!

For more information on CD copy protection please call us today on 01256 681100

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