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Storage & Archiving Systems

We are pleased to offer a new range of CD-R/DVD-R (WORM) archiving/imaging equipment with accompanying software and utilities for e-mail archiving, medical imaging, image banks, cheque imaging, unique and multiple disc creation (disc on demand) systems. In addition we have systems now available for CD-R copy protection as well as other quality storage and backup products.

Multimedia Archiving     CD Copy Protection  
Multimedia Archiving Systems
Includes systems for e-mail archiving, medical imaging, records management and true write once read many (WORM) technology, i.e. CD-R & DVD-R media.  
CD Copy Protection
Easy to use CD copy protection software to prevent unauthorised copying of software and content.
High Grade Archiving Media     Automatic Backup System (ABS)  
Taiyo Yuden
After extensive testing using high quality CD-R/DVD-R recorders and media analysers we recommend Taiyo Yuden recordable media for archiving projects.  
Desktop Backup System
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The ABS provides a complete solution for laptop and desktop backup. Each time the ABS unit is plugged in, a backup is automatically initiated.
Baxter Digital Assistant     Verbatim Storage Devices  
Baxter CD & DVD Duplicator

An automated CD/DVD duplicator that can also back up your PC hard drive to CD or DVD with scheduling.  
Verbatim Storage Devices
USB storage devices from Verbatim, available in a wide range of capacities.
Freecom External Hard Drives        
Freecom External Hard Drives
20GB and 40GB external hard drives from Freecom.  
MF Digital
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