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For your much needed fix for NEWS on Data storage breakthroughs, we give you a dedicated page on the latest info regarding storage and disc technology. The world might think that the era of disks has ended, but it ain’t over until the fat lady sings!

March 2017

-New Type of Laser Could Allow DVDs to Store Petabytes!?

It might have been a long time since you probably even opened your PC’s DVD tray, heck you might even not bothered getting one with DVD ROM, I mean why you would? Everyone downloads their purchased software and stream movies online. Well, DVD and Blu-ray isn’t dead yet! Gaming consoles has allowed them to still be relevant, but with the development of a new way to write date, through a new kind of laser, the DVD might be coming back for a revival!

Yes, Flash-drives, HDDs, and even SSDs are getting more and more affordable for the average consumers every day, but DVDs are cheaper than a flash-drive! If the technology becomes commercially viable, the good old days of the DVD era might return!

Unfortunately, news of this technology has going around since late 2013 and no new news about it has come out since. Did the researchers shelve the project? Maybe companies don’t think it to be worth it. Whatever the reason, I still hope that this tech will become available.

-A World with Ever Expanding Space

Not so long ago, standard computer storage was at the hundreds of megabytes, gigabytes were the storage space reserved for people who either really needed it or could afford it. I remember my old PC with a whopping 1GB hard disk space, which at the time was enough to fit all of my files, games(not all at the same time), and OS. Never would I think that we would go as far as we have (Terabyte as of the moment I wrote this).

With the rate technology is advancing I believe we will be reaching a level where we won’t be truly be able to utilize the full capability of what would be available. I have no doubt there are some individuals who could use what we deem to be unnecessary excess, and that one day it would become a necessity.

– Disposing Old SSDs? You should be Careful

If you’re like me and your storage device mostly contains useless non-personal junk I once thought to be cool, then you have nothing to worry, wipe it don’t wipe it, sell it or just junk it, but if you have sensitive material stored inside your SSD, you might want to be more careful.

You should know that SSDs works very differently form HDDs, and doing a standard wipe probably won’t suffice. I’m no expert so I’ll leave the detailed explanation to, they wrote a detailed article about it here. If you really want to be careful though you could destroy the damn thing, drilling holes in it might not be enough though, so consider buying or borrowing an SSD shredder.

Are DVDs and Blu-rays Still Relevant?

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When was the last time you actually used your DVD-ROM? When was the last time you burned a copy of a file, music, or video? If you have done so in the past year, I congratulate you on being one of the very few who did. In a world that offers direct download from online stores is readily available, and where internet speed is adequately fast and affordable, it would seem the discs are a thing of the past and is just being kept alive by the console gaming industry.

Sadly enough, it even looks like even the gaming consoles are slowly headed towards a future where DVDs and Blu-ray do not exist. But does this mean that their demise is near? I think not! Think back a decade and a half, I remember back in middle school the computer lab teacher required all of the students to have their own Floppy Disc, for the younger readers a Floppy Disc is a storage device that works much like a flash drive but has a limit of about 2 Megabytes, if you want to know what it looks like look at a save Icon.

These were standard back then; everyone working with a computer was using them, now they are virtually non-existent… or are they? With a little bit of research I discovered that a lot of organizations are still using them. The reason for this is either that the organization (mostly governments) finds it to be costly to transfer all of their data from the old storage system to a more “modern” one, OR they find a sense of security using a somewhat out-dated form of storage while transporting data.

Whatever the reason, they are still using it, and I believe that if regular consumers abandon the tech, it would still be used by large organizations with a far too large amount of data stored in that form to cost-effectively transfer all at once. This is not the only way discs could stay alive though.

Back in 2013, scientists have discovered a new way to store data into discs, a new laser to be precise, one that could store up to petabytes worth of data into a single DVD disc. There might or might not be a use for this by the public, but there is a definite use for this technology in the Industrial, scientific, and government community. In the end, most tech don’t actually die, they evolve or change purpose.

To this day some archaic tech from the 80’s or probably even 80’s is still in used by some section of a government somewhere in this planet. If anything, keeping some old hardware around might prove to become profitable for you in the future. You would be surprised on how much stuff you might think of as useless junk are going for at online auctions. DVDs are here to stay for a bit longer; the question of it still being relevant to the consumer though is a matter that is yet to be answered.

We Will Be Away For Some Time

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To our readers and clients, I apologize in advance as there will be an interruption of our services. Next week we shall be unreachable via phone lines and will not be updating content; earlier today we found out that the building we are currently residing in will need to be tented for fumigation. We have spoken to the owner of the building as well as the Pest Control Kalamazoo company , and it looks like there would not be enough time for us to move some equipment to another location to work at. If you do have a direct line to anyone of the staff, feel free to contact us there, but as for orders and specific information, we will not be able to cater to it.

We appreciate your patience and understanding on the matter, and we promise you that we will be fully functional the week after and get right to work on any pending orders and requests as soon as possible and as fast as we can. This will not happen again as we will be setting up and maintaining a satellite office in order to be able to function properly during events like these.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.